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Although the Roto-Press is primarily known for bagging grass silage, it is also capable of providing very effective low cost storage for many other animal feed products, such as crimped cereals, wholecrop silage, chopped maize, chopped grass, brewers grain, sugar beet pulp, tomato waste, that need to be preserved in a clean anaerobic environment.

The Roto-Press is available in two models:
- 1C (Pto-driven with one compaction auger)
- 2C (Pto-driven with two compaction augers)

The 1C is capable of bagging up to 80 tonnes per hour with a maximum power requirement of 140hp at 1,000 rpm. The 2C is capable of bagging up to 120-130 tonnes per hour with a maximum power requirement of 260hp at 1,000 rpm. N.B. The bagging capacity per hour is dependent on the power applied and the type/density/moisture content of the product being bagged.

Although the main body of the machine is the same for all three models, the diameter of the tunnel can be varied. At present there are five different tunnel diameters to choose from with Rotobags (all 75 metres long) available to fit all sizes, with the capacities reported in the RotoBag silage bags table.

The Roto-Press is the fastest bagging machine on the market to put into operation: from transporting conditions to working conditions. It can be converted from road transport-mode to bagging-mode in a very short time (less than two minutes).

The wide lateral conveyor can be folded and unfolded hydraulically and will accept many types of tipping trailers and fore-end loaders. The front conveyor, which is hydraulically driven with chains and transverse bars, can be filled by tipping trailers with wheel loaders up to 3.20m wide, but its wings can be hydraulically folded to 2.50m in a few seconds.

In comparison with other bagging machines currently available, Roto-Press V 2008 has the following unique characteristics:
- Fastest machine to put into operation, and it only needs one person to operate it
- No external control cables
- Ability to change tunnel diameters, making one machine very versatile
- Ability to bag high moisutre product without problems
- Facility to install a composting kit to bag organic material to produce compost
- Option to fit bags up to 100 metres long
- The internal cable allows bags to be curved to fit their site (if necessary)
- Most cost effective bagging machine on the market