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Roto Tube is a continuous bale wrapping machine, both round and rectangular, in a "Roto Lastic®" elastic tubular bag.
The bales of wet grass are preserved by fermentation as they are stored in an anaerobic environment (without oxygen).
The tubular bags are available for bales with diameters 120, 140, 160 cm, while the length of the bags is 46m, enough to store up to 33 bales.
The principle of operation of this machine is very simple, based on a particular plastic material "Roto Lastic®" which is an elastic and extendable plastic tube.
By depositing the bale on the special cart of the machine, automatically the bale is pushed and inserted into the tubular that the machine has provided to extend using pliers and then, releasing from them, tightens around the bale by wrapping it and expelling the little air that can remain inside of.
The main advantages of using RotoTube are:
- Ensiling speed (up to 100 bales / hour).
- Possibility to easily bag deformed bales.
- Uniformity of maturation inside the sack.
- Reduction of the cost of bagging.
Roto Tube is a completely autonomous machine, equipped with a diesel engine able to operate all the hydraulic services.

The currently available bags are for the following diameters:
Ø 125 - 134 cm (73 ")
Ø 135 - 148 cm (82 ")
Ø 150 - 160 cm (87 ").

Once the bag has been opened to recover the bagged material, it is not necessary to close it again if you use a bale at least every 2-3 days. This is sufficient to avoid any phenomenon of molding and alteration of the product.