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Maranello is a selfpropelled and selfpowered silage bagging machine powered by it own engine 239Hp latest state of art EuroIII emissions. The machine has a quick change of the tunnel size with fast connections pins, remote controls for all the functions, double speed feeding conveyor, hydraulic crane high flotation tyres, automatic feeding control. The machine is feeded frontally by tipping wagons over a inclined main conveyor that feeds the 2 inclined main compression augers.

The long conveyor has the function to "temporary storage" in order to increase the productivity without waiting times between one trailer and the next.
In addition the conveyor design, offer the great possibility to dump trailers at the lowest level possible.
Comparison with other bagging machines : Maranello has the following advantages:
- Faster machine to put in operation one man only.
- No need of external cables to brake the machine.
- Possibility to change the tunnel diameter having in one machine more bag diameter.
- Possibility to bag very humid product without problems.
- Possibility to fit a "kit compost" and bag also organic material for composting.
- Without cables the machine Maranello can use any lenght of bags.
- Without cables the machine can make bags also not perfectly straight.
- No need of back-stop as the competence needs.
- Best price/performance ratio on the market.

At standard equipment the Maranello has:
- Electronic feed control : it is a tool that allows to feed the machine automatically, avoiding to have an operator that control the amount of feed that arrives in the machine conveyors.
- Remote control for all the main functions (20 functions).
- Different conveyors design with foldable laterals.
- Automatic double speed conveyor.
- Hydraulic crane (to lift the bag).
- 2 speed gearbox.
- Automatic accelerator.
- Hydraulic liftable conveyor (front).
- Hydraulic liftable tunnel (rear).
- Hydraulically foldable laterals of the conveyor.