Greenbagger is a linear silage machine of organic material or other products with Ø3.0m bag diameter and high working capacity.
Solid and robust construction, at the top of the range.
Available for bilateral or trilateral loading
Motorized with Lombardini Sileo 1603, Silent, economical in consumption, energy efficient, completely autonomous, reduced discharge height with clear vision inside the hopper, satisfies any size of mechanical shovel.
Exclusive configuration of the thrust cylinders with adjustable thrust stroke, braking on all the wheels differentiable and adjustable front / rear, front steering wheels hydraulically, radio control for the main functions, protection of mechanical parts, crane for bag with hydraulic operation.
Construction site semi-automatic (optional)
Greenbagger is a linear operation silage machine, designed to be able to silage all types of products.
Greenbagger is a 4-wheel machine with its own motor for completely autonomous operation.
Sturdy isostatic structure consisting of Fe44 profiles in the shape of «H» of 250mm high and 5 mm thick + 2 tubular profiles 180 x 250mm to give excellent rigidity to the load-bearing structure.
The machine can be fed on both sides, with 45 ° inclined sides of different length to accept any type of wheel loader.
The pusher plate has an inclination upward to optimize the filling of the bag. The pusher is operated by the radio control supplied as standard and with the possibility of choosing work (automatic or manual).
Last generation of Lombardini "Sileo" diesel engines with low environmental impact and sound, complying with EuroIII regulations. The engine drives the hydraulic pumps for all the services and is encapsulated in a hood that isolates it from noise pollution.
An electronic device automatically accelerates the engine when the power is needed to operate the machine, while the rest of the time when the machine is switched on remains at idle speed.
The machine is equipped with a hydraulic crane and aeration tube unwinders positioned at the front of the machine for composting.
Greenbagger is a machine designed to work on composting sites where it is necessary to bag organic material or any type of waste.
Greenbagger is a machine that works without the physical presence of an operator near it. All operational functions are assigned to the radio control that is left in the hands of the palist.
The runner who powers the Greenbagger is able to operate the machine without having to get off the driving seat, advancing, steering, etc. the Greenbagger.
The stroke of the pusher plate is adjustable from 0 to 3000 mm at will and whenever the feed is activated after the stroke the plate returns to the initial position setting the machine ready to receive other palates.
At the end of the bag there is the possibility of rapid emptying of the bell without the need for manual work.
Greenbagger has been designed to work with the minimum of interventions, low energy consumption and a long productive life.
A centralized automatic lubrication system greases all moving parts.