RotoDis is a compact self powered bagging machine, suitable to bags many type of products.
Mainly this machine has been designed for distilleries to bag grapes waste, but is also ideal to bag any type of cereal.
RotoDis is a 4 wheel base machine with an engine in the central part, and a hopper conveyor in the front top part.
A system of transfer augers moves the material from the conveyor to the compression tunnel.

Tunnels availables are Ø200 or Ø240 with quick connection and self cleaning.

Compression auger without rear support to optimize the filling and reduce the power required.

Wide feeding hopper that allows to accept many loaders and to have a temporary storage to bag between one loader and the next one.

Electronic devices allows this machine to operate in unattended without the need of a surveillance people. The only operator is the loader driver.

With a front feeding hopper the RotoDis has the possibility to made one bag near the other without wasted space.

The RotoDis has been designed to work in closed yards to bags organic material. The compact machine design advantages the operators who hasn't wide working areas. The low power installation save fuel, energy and money.

RotoDis is equipped with an engine panel with the main functions and an engine check control with planned stops. In addition this machine is fitted with 2 tanks for inoculants with injectors and pumps that are automatically operated by sensors.

This machine can be trailed on the working yard by the front hitch supplied as standard. The hitch can be easily removed during feeding operations.

The machine has a mechanical transmission for the compression auger and hydraulical transmission for the hopper auger.