RotoCom is a self-contained multi-product tubular silage machine with three-sided feeding; it appears as an operating machine resting on 4 wheels, has a motor in the central part, a loading hopper and a system for transferring the material from the hopper to the bell and a rear bell where the bag is released once filled. Furthermore, in the central part there are two plastic tube coils rewinders for the aeration process (if the machine is used for the production of compost).
The machine has a bell with Ø240 or Ø300 with quick release and quick emptying, with 2 pipe passageways for the ventilation pipes.
Large diameter auger without back support, for optimization of filling and effort reduction.
Quick-change auger end part.
The large frontal hopper allows to receive the material unloading from a large mechanical shovel and to have enough material to work in the meantime that the next palate arrives.
The electronic devices, with which the machine is equipped, allow to work in complete tranquility without the presence of a physical person who supervises the maneuvers or dedicated operator.
The only operator to attend is the palist. By means of a radio control, the palist starts the bagging procedure which, in a completely automatic way, accelerates the engine, activates the pusher, stops it and starts again automatically in case of excess material, and finally returns the engine at idling speed.
With a front-loading hopper, RotoCom has the ability to pack next to each other without wasting space.
RotoCom is designed to work in a square where the organic matter is bagged. Its compactness benefits the user in case they do not have large work surfaces.
RotoCom has a control panel with starter key and a view of the main functions, as well as engine protections and programmed stops.